Tuesday, March 27, 2007

We want one!

So, for the past few days we haven't been drinking any wine worth blogging about (mmmm . . . Three Buck Chuck paired with cereal -- the breakfast of champions!). However, I did stumble across this beauty on Neatorama (one of my favorite non-wine-related blogs) today. From bornrich.org:
The unit titled The “Vin au Verre” is a synonym of “wine with glass” in French. The unit features electronic temperature control (15°/19°C for red wines, 6°/10°C for white and rose wines), anti-oxidation system, LED lighting inside and can keep up to 8 opened bottles of wine ready to serve at the perfect temperature. The storage system can preserve the wine for up to three weeks and the dispenser uses inert nitrogen gas under low pressure to push the wine out of the bottle through the spigot and thereby controlling oxidation to keep your wine tasteful.
So, if we place this on our wedding registry, would someone be so kind as to buy it for us? Please? :)

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