Sunday, March 11, 2007

August Kesseler "R" Riesling 2004

Price: $10.99 @ Wine and Cheese Cask (Somerville, MA)
Recommended by: Our wine blogger friends at Wine-O-Rama recommended Rieslings from the Rheingau region.
Comments: In fairness to the folks at Wine-O-Rama, they recommended Rieslings from the Rheingau region that were over $13. However, this less expensive wine is surprisingly good, particularly for the money. Our first sips revealed flavors of apricot. As we drank it, however, flavors of green apple and lime dominated. It's not too sweet, but it is definitely a Riesling. This wine probably goes great with spicy food, but we're just pairing it with a bad movie on a relaxing Sunday evening!
Rating: 7/10


Robert said...

Welcome to the Rheingau club. :) If you ever find Kesseler's ESTATE bottling, please try it - it's MUCH better than the "K" version in every way. It often goes on sale here for less than the K. We often skimp a bit on the red wine so we can have an occasional bottle of fine ($13-$15) Rheingau riesling. Another good rielsing you might like is Leitz Dragonstone (it's easily found.) We're very jealous of the low wine prices in your area! You'll have to stop by if you ever get out the Dayton/Columbus/Cincinnati way.

Jagdaddy said...

We've had that one before and like it quite a bit. It goes really well with a linguine, shrimp, and arugula pesto dish we make.