Thursday, October 04, 2007

2 Brothers Big Tattoo Red 2005

Price: $9.99 @ Gary's Liquors (W. Roxbury, MA)
Recommended by: display at store and charitable cause
Comments: Our wine rack has been empty lately (oh, the horror!), so we stopped by the local wine store tonight to stock up. We probably went overboard, but our wallets' loss is our blog's gain, right?!? Among our purchase is this interesting Cabernet/Syrah blend (50% each). We weren't expected to be blown away, and we really weren't, but it's a great value wine. It is a deep, fruity wine with a heavy cocoa flavor and very dry finish. We wish we would have tried it with food, because it would go very well with meat or pasta dish. Some of the proceeds (50 cents per bottle) are
donated to the Hospice of Arlington, Va., and other breast cancer research foundations in the name of the vintners' mother. We look forward to trying this one again.
Rating: 7/10

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