Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jewell Towne Traminette NV

Price: $15.00
Recommended by:
curiosity and our appreciation for Gewurztraminers

Who woulda thunk it? We wouldn't. I mean we did, but that's not the point. A good Gewurztraminer from a New Hampshire winery? Unlikely. And yet, we enjoyed this bottle very much, particularly with the seafood stew we had for dinner. While visiting three wineries in New Hampshire (Jewell Towne, Flag Hill, and Zorvino) we decided to pick up this bottle since it was made with one of our favorite grapes. Happily, this wine demonstrates juicy flavors of lemon, lime, and green apple along with a bit of spice. The finish isn't as smooth as it might be, but we were impressed by this wine and would certainly get it again. Viva New Hampshire -- Live Free or ... Drink Wine! (By the way, if you are in the New England area and want to try some good wine, check out Jewell Towne in South Hampton, NH. The folks there are very friendly, and they had the best wines by far of the three wineries. However, Flag Hill in Lee, NH, has a yummy Maple Syrup Liqueur, and their vodka made from apples is worth a try. Also, check out the Boston Globe's article on New England wineries.)


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