Friday, April 27, 2007

Bohemian Highway Merlot 2004

Price: $5.99 @ Luke's Liquors
Recommended by:
Robert and Marjorie at
We saw this wine near the checkout lane at Luke's and remembered that Robert and Marjorie had raved about this wine. For $6, it was definitely worth a try (what's another bottle in our already full shopping basket?)! After spending way too much money at Target and Luke's tonight, we opened this bottle as soon as we got home, and toasted another Red Sox victory over the Evil Empire. We were definitely not disappointed (in the wine or the game)! It has very distinct, bold raspberry and cherry flavors and is a bit sweeter than many Merlots. It's also much smoother than we expected. If you see this in your local wine shop, pick this one up!


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