Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Estola Reserva La Mancha 2001

Price: $5.99 @ Trader Joe's
Recommended by:
no one!

Reviews of this wine on other sites offer strikingly different pictures. While some find it mediocre and inoffensive, others find it watery and bad. Of course, in either case, we don't recommend this wine very highly. It has a fairly bearable flavor, but one that doesn't last very long at all. The dry finish is not too bad, but that's the best we can say about it. What a shame--we usually like Spanish wines. For the money, you can do better with Se
ñor Dos Buck Chuck!


Jesse Porter said...

What a shame you didn't like the Estola... the Young Winos loved it! Maybe this vintage is better than the '01.

Check out our review here:

Jennifer said...

I LOVE Estola! I'm sipping it right now! My FAV is a German Pinot Noir I get from TJ so I tried this today....Now I'm a believer! As soon at it touched my tongue I was like wow.....just what I needed! Beats their Two Buck Chuck IMHO.